JVC Everio Mini Camcorders 2013

JVC has dropped their prices on eight new Everio models of mini camcorders to about $300-$500 now from prices around $1,000 for their 2012 models.  There are no Film-student-grade editions or 3D models, but these new eight models are much more affordable and offer a variety of enticing features.  All eight either offer SD card slots or a combination of great flash storage and media slots that are removable.  New technical features are a better imaging sensor, higher quality optical zooms, and expanded Wi-Fi functions with viewing and sharing options.

The 2013 JVC Everio mini camcorder lineup includes the following:

$230 JVC Everio GZ-E100 – 40x zoom and 24 Mbps AVCHD and SD recording

the JVC Everio GZ-E300 ($250) – Stop Motion REC, Time-Lapse REC, Auto REC, Zoom mic, Face Recognition, Smile Meter / Smile Shot

JVC Everio GZ-EX310
($300) – can record Full HD video and 2MP still images simultaneously

JVC Everio GZ-EX355 ($350) – high-quality HD lens supports 40x optical zoom, 60x Dynamic Zoom and 200x digital zoom

the JVC Everio GZ-E505 ($350) – Ultra-slow motion video

JVC Everio GZ-EX515 ($400) – Full HD 1920×1080 Recording 24Mbps

JVC Everio GZ-EX555 ($450) – 65X Dynamic Zoom with wide angle, characterized by its lens-prominent design

and the JVC Everio GZ-VX815 ($500) – the top model with a 12.8-megapixel sensor

Regardless of what features you’re looking for and what price range you are considering, the 2013 JVC Everio lineup most likely offers a mini camcorder to meet your needs.  Check out these new JVC Everio mini camcorder models and see if one is right for you.

Save Money on Veho Muvi Pro Micro DV Camcorder!

Are you interested in a hands free mini camcorder that has amazing sound, picture quality, and only uses half the memory in a 2 hour recording session?  Check out the Veho Pro Micro DV Camcorder.

If you are into running, skateboarding, biking or extreme land sports, this mini camcorder can allow you to see the things around you well to improve your techniques.  This is also a great mini camcorder for police officers.  According to some officers, the audio on this camera is better than the in car cameras in the police cars.  This camera can also be used as a nanny cam or a spy cam.  You don’t even have to be in the same room for it to pick up clear audio.  The Veho Muvi Pro mini camcorder is also fun for kids to use if they want to play a spy game or record messages.

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Mini Camcorders Purchase Considerations

The best things come in small packages, including mini camcorders.  When searching for camcorders, consider choosing a smaller option.  It’s amazing how technology has changed.  For a while, electronics were large and bulky.  Now, there is no need to sacrifice quality when you go “mini”.

Some of the best pocket camcorders on the market for 2012 are the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG20 , the JVC PICSIO GC-FM1A, and the Kodak PlayTouch.  One of the best features of mini camcorders is a built-in USB functionality that allows for quick uploads without the need for additional cords.  This is great for traveling!  There are definitely factors to consider when purchasing a mini camcorder.



The best mini camcorders have at least a 720p resolution, which is the minimum standard for high definition.  Many of the newest models now shoot in full 1080p as well.  Along with video quality, good pocket camcorders can also take still photographs.  Therefore, the need for high megapixel resolution shouldn’t be overlooked.  The best camcorders will include a good digital or optical zoom for capturing images and action far away.  Along with these main features, it is important to consider extras such as image stabilization, a built-in flash, and the display size of the preview screen.


Don’t overlook data-storage space!  It doesn’t make sense to carry a video-recording device in your pocket all day if you can only use it for a few short clips.  The majority of mini camcorders come standard with a fairly small amount of internal memory.  However, they make up for it by including an SD card slot.

Additional Features

Battery life and type is key!  The average battery life is about 90 minutes of recording time (longer if you’re recording in low definition).  Along with the battery, you might take into consideration ports such as HDMI and USB, because recording in HD is only makes sense if you can watch your movie on an HDTV screen or computer monitor directly from the camcorder device itself.

Ease of Use

Make sure your mini camcorder is easy to use!  Recording or uploading videos should be simple.  There should be no issues with downloads or updates when they are required.

Tech Support/Warranty

Getting help when you need it is essential!  A good manufacturer’s site will offer phone support, FAQs, and a contact email.  If sellers want to go above and beyond, they will offer a warranty of at least one year.


All of these factors are important when considering a mini camcorder purchase, so make sure you know what you are buying!

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